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In memory of Audrey  / Audrey Bently (aunt)  Read >>
In memory of Audrey  / Audrey Bently (aunt)


In Loving memory of Audrey Bently died of sids  on Feb 26,1986.May she rest in peace love aunt Charlotte  Close
My Beautiful Daughter  / Penny Livingston (Mom to Ryan Michelle Livington )  Read >>
My Beautiful Daughter  / Penny Livingston (Mom to Ryan Michelle Livington )

Mother's Day is so very hard for me Ryan.  I know how much you love me and I just wish I could hold you.  This is my 4th Mother's Day without you Ryan, the past couple of months I am feeling your presence ever so much.  I  feel you are so strong in Heaven and you are getting thru to me in many different ways.  It is truly amazing!!  I Love You my dear, dear child.   I will feel you oh so tight hug on My Mother's Day. 

Love forever & ever

Heart & Soul



You are my heart!  / Vicki Massey (Daughter)  Read >>
You are my heart!  / Vicki Massey (Daughter)

Melissa-I miss you more & more ever day!  You will always be in my heart!  One day we will all be together again!  I will be thinking of you and Mom on Mothers Day, as I do everyday!

I love you!!


Injured Soul....For all Moms  / Carole (Mom Of) Jonathan Barnes   Read >>
Injured Soul....For all Moms  / Carole (Mom Of) Jonathan Barnes

Injured Soul by Carole Barrett

The questions that haunt me
Every hour of each day:
Why my child had to leave
And yet, I had to stay

Still, my feet on the Earth
When not tucked away in bed
As I try to make sense of
These thoughts in my head.

And the pain that is choking
I cannot hardly breath,
In fact, All I can do
Is cry, mourn and grieve.

Only memories to cling to
And replay in my dreams
I remember that day
And the thousands of screams.

There is aching and yearning
for what used to be
And for what could have been
I will never get to see.

I miss your every essence
But most of all your smile
Just wishing you could come back
if only for a while

But I know that can't happen
And it scares me to death
I will feel this missing part
until I take my last breath.

A loss so intense
It has injured my soul,
And until I've departed
I will never be whole.

- In Loving Memory of My Son,
Jonathan Ray Barnes , Killed by House Fire
8/19/88- 12/11/05

my precious mother  / Asresash Imiru (Mom)  Read >>
my precious mother  / Asresash Imiru (Mom)
Dearest mom,

words can't express it how much I miss you every day. You are the base for whom I am now - I am proud of you mom. I am so grateful for I have a mother like you. It's God's plan that you got the heavenly call this early. God bless your soul. So long till we meet again there. Happy mother's day. Close
In A Littl While  / Loette Pendergast (A Loving Mother )  Read >>
In A Littl While  / Loette Pendergast (A Loving Mother )
                              In A Little While

God saw your tired face and said "It's Suppertime, come on home,"
A piece of our heart broke and went with you - you didn’t go alone.
Your loving voice is silenced and we miss your tender touch,
This world is just not the same - we miss you oh so much.

"Well done , my child" said the Lord taking you by the hand
Come with me and stroll a bit through my promised land.
You have kept the faith and fought the mighty fight,
Welcome to the city that is clothed in My light."

Was Daddy glad to see you - did Granny run so fast?
Did Bubba stroll beside you looking young like in the past?
Did loved ones come to greet you with arms flung open wide?
I know you must be happy with family at your side.

Have you danced on streets of gold - have you curled the angels hair?
Have you rode around the city and “people watched” up there?
Do you walk around your mansion like God had promised you,
Did you smell the pretty flowers and stop to pick a few?

You’ve run the mighty race and now your work is through,
You can walk upright and breath so good like you used to do.
We look forward to that glorious day when we see your smile,
It’s lonesome now but not for long, “we’ll be along in a little while“.

Rhonda, Coleman, Patrick, Doug and especially, Carol and Cary

2 Timothy 4: 7-8
7 I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith: 8 Henceforth there is laid up for me a crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous judge, shall give me at that day: and not to me only, but unto all them also that love his appearing.

My special angels  / Deb Azure (Mom)  Read >>
My special angels  / Deb Azure (Mom)

Today is my little girls birthday, Renee is 29 today.  I miss you both so much and we love you lots.  Renee, Faith went in a bought you a special cake for your birthday and asked the lady to write on it for you, then she gently carried it to check out and all the way home.  She made you a special mother's day thing in school that had microwave popcorn in it, she asked if I thought you would mind if she ate it for you, I told her no...  She misses you so much and she sure could have used her mom here with her, but she knows that you are a HERO to all.  Last night we attended the Bradford/Union County Police Memorial in honor of you and she was so proud to stand when your name was called.  We will be heading to Tallahassee and DC in honor of you as well within the next couple of weeks, I promise never to let your memory fade from her mind.  You are, and were such a special mom and you did an great job with her.  I just hope I am raising her in a manner you approve of.  She is so much like you, and looks just like  you as well.  I know you are very proud of her in softball and the things she has done.  I know that you are here with us, guiding us each and every day.  And for my little grandbaby that left this world with you, I miss you my angel, grandma and your sister wish we could have met you, but we will one day.  You take care of your mommy for us and give her a big hug and kiss OK.  We love you.  You sister goes each month to the crash site and puts up decorations for you, I know you see them and we hope you like them.  Well, my previous angels, I love you and miss you both,  you will never be forgotten.



In Remembrance of Ryne Adam Brock  / Sherri Brock (Mother)  Read >>
In Remembrance of Ryne Adam Brock  / Sherri Brock (Mother)

Ryne Adam Brock - Killed Sept. 3rd 2005 at the age of 20. He was special not only to his family but friends as well. Though we all still miss him terribly we need to remember his spirit. He would want us to keep him in our hearts, but to live our lives to the fullest as he had in his short time here. He had a light in him that will forever shine. It's in everyone he touched while he was here.

"Neither the boundaries between life and death, nor heaven and earth, shall separate our love. Our love is eternal. Our family intact.  Until We Meet Again."

I love you so much Son. I miss you so much.


My Precious Mom  / Patti Brown (Daughter)  Read >>
My Precious Mom  / Patti Brown (Daughter)
My Precious Mom,

Every day I miss you so much more than the day before. You were and always will be a blessing to me. Thank you for giving me life and for being my mom. You are truly my special angel and I'll forever love you.
In Loving memory Of The children We Have Lost..  / Denise Bruckner Gillentine (mother)  Read >>
In Loving memory Of The children We Have Lost..  / Denise Bruckner Gillentine (mother)



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Murdered and still waiting  / Joan Hughes (mother)  Read >>
Murdered and still waiting  / Joan Hughes (mother)

Melissa, I am still waiting to find out who took your life. Even though I think I know, it still hurts to know that the police have not arrested anyone yet.  Mariah ask for her mommy all of the time.  She really needs you, I know you come to see her in her dreams, but I wish you could be here to hold her and play with her.  I know you have your son, Little Eric needed you in heaven with him and God saw fit to put you together again.  I miss my grandson so much.  He would be so big and going to school next year.  I will never get to hear him say I love You Grandma.  I will always miss that until I can be with him again.  Kiss him for me.  I will kiss Mariah everyday for you and do the best I can to raise her the way you would want her to grow up. No gangs, no drugs, no drinking.  I will try not to be too strict, but if I had been a little harder on you, maybe you would not be dead, maybe you never would have got with that family and put yourself in a position to be murdered.  I miss you baby girl, I think of you all of the time and when I look at your pictures, I try to only remember the good and not the day your life was taken.

Please visit me in my dreams.






My Mom - My Best Friend  / Brenda Morvant (Daughter)  Read >>
My Mom - My Best Friend  / Brenda Morvant (Daughter)
Happy Mother's Day mom. It will me 8 years on May 29th, 2008 that you held Jesus' hand. You would think the pain would subside. My heart really was broken in a thousand pieces. I not only lost my mom, i lost my best friend. Please pray for our family, as you can see certain family members really need God's intervening. But one thing is for sure, we all miss you, dad, brother, and Corry soooo much. The family has never and will never be the same. I am just trying to live my life the way i believe is right. Until i see all of you again, just know how much you are loved and missed. Close
Happy Mother's Day  / Linda Kelly (Lucille Glover )  Read >>
Happy Mother's Day  / Linda Kelly (Lucille Glover )
Well another Mother's day is here and I still miss you.  I love you and my heart aches and I sometimes cry whenever I look at your picture.  I will never forget my special mother who is with Our Heavenly Father.  You will always be in my heart. Love Your Daughter Linda Close
Remembering my Mother, Sister and Grandmother  / Susana Regan (angelfamilies)  Read >>
Remembering my Mother, Sister and Grandmother  / Susana Regan (angelfamilies)

Margarita Casillo was my mother  and a fabulous nurse, grandmother and friend.

My mother was murdered as a result of Domestic violence.

Carolyn Regan was my grandmother who died of heart diease.

Linda Anne Regan who was killed in Florida on Memorial Day 2001.

I love and miss them all


Memorial to My Daughter, Angel Leana  / Randy (Mother)  Read >>
Memorial to My Daughter, Angel Leana  / Randy (Mother)
It has been almost 15 months that my gorgeous & amazing daughter Leana left this world as we know it.  She was just 4 weeks short of turning 17.  This will be my 2nd Mothers Day without Leana - how I ache for her, not just now but each and every moment since she passed.  I miss her touch, her voice, her hugs, her everything.  However, I am forever gifted with my angel Leana.  She is deep in my soul for eternity.  Close
My Angels, my best friends  / Sarah (Mother)  Read >>
My Angels, my best friends  / Sarah (Mother)
To my three Angels in Heaven....

We miss you so very much. Not a day goes by that we don't wish you were here with us. But we know you are with God and in a land full of wonder and happiness. You are not in pain anymore and can fly through the heavens. Spread your wings my babies.

Kanoa Albert~ Born with wings at 16 weeks 2 days November 8, 2006
Baby Taylor~ Born with wings at 5 weeks July 11, 2006
Baby Rylie~ Born with wings at 5 weeks October 8, 2004

With all the love in our hearts,

Mommy, Daddy, Madyson and your puppy Ariel Close
Remembering my Grandma  / Amy Howells (Granddaughter)  Read >>
Remembering my Grandma  / Amy Howells (Granddaughter)
This Mother's Day I'm going to be remembering my Grandma, my Precious Angel above.  She surely did fight a good fight, but at the end the fight was just too much for her..  I wish she could be here this Mother's Day but I know that she is in a much better place now.. So happy Mother's Day in Heaven my Angel. Close
Remembering / Kim Triche (Daugther)  Read >>
Remembering / Kim Triche (Daugther)
I would like to remember my brave mother Helen Duet, whom fought so hard for her life.  She was very strong and kept her courage through it all.  May she rest in peace in God's loving arms.  We all miss her dearly. Close
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